Safety Management Basics

Course Description

Participants are introduced to basic principles of safety management in safety-critical organizations. The focus is on a basic understanding of organizations as complex safety critical systems in which safety is a component that must be managed.


  • Basic knowledge of various aspects of safety in safety-critical organizations.
  • Skill to critically review organizations in relation to aspects of safety.
  • Attitude that a positive safety culture is essential for safety-critical organizations and that the conscious management of safety is a core task of leadership.


  • 4 x 5h module
  • Workshop, In presence
  • English



Priv.- Doz. Dr. Saša Sopka | anesthesiologist
Dr. Lina Vogt | anesthesiologist
Dr. Leonie Löffler | psychologist & psychotherapist
Sophie Lambert | psychologist
Michelle Schmidt │ business psychologist