Team Resilience Training

Course Description

Join us for an immersive Team Resilience Training designed to improve team collaboration, communication, and overall resilience in the face of dynamic working environments. Throughout this one-day in person training, participants will actively participate in a dynamic blend of interactive simulations, thought-provoking debriefings, and insightful theoretical sessions. This comprehensive approach aims to equip you with valuable skills and behaviors essential for navigating complex situations, enhancing team dynamics, and fortifying overall team resilience.


  • basics on team resilience and its influence on team performance
  • navigate complex challenges in a team


  • one day
  • workshop, In presence
  • English



Priv.- Doz. Dr. Saša Sopka | anesthesiologist
Dr. Lina Vogt | anesthesiologist
Dr. Leonie Löffler | psychologist & psychotherapist
Sophie Lambert | psychologist
Michelle Schmidt │ business psychologist