University Hospital RWTH Aachen


The AIXTRA - Competence Center for Training and Patient Safety is the interdisciplinary training center for education and research in medical education and patient safety at the medical faculty of the RWTH Aachen. With a multiprofessional and interdisciplinary team consisting of medical doctors, psychologists, communication trainers and nurses, we offer courses on a variety of clinical and social-communicative skills for under- and postgraduate learners with a background in the fields of human medicine, dental medicine, occupational therapy, speech therapy, paramedical support, and physiotherapy. Due to the conjunction to the clinic of anaesthesiology, the AIXTRA provides of a profound expertise in patient safety. Other research areas are medical education, simulation and training. Furthermore the AIXTRA is an affiliated partner of Harvard Medical School Center for medical simulation (CMS) in Boston, USA and provides communication, leadership and patient safety courses for medical professionals.


Priv.- Doz. Dr. Saša Sopka | anesthesiologist
Dr. Lina Vogt | anesthesiologist
Dr. Leonie Löffler | psychologist & psychotherapist
Sophie Lambert | psychologist
Michelle Schmidt │ business psychologist
Andrea Lenes | health scientist
Ute Göretz | study nurse
Anna Riechenberg | student assistant (medicine)
Julia Varol │student assistant (medicine)