University Hospital RWTH Aachen


The ARS is a joint institution of the University Hospital RWTH Aachen and the city of Aachen. The institute aims to consolidate pre-hospital emergency medical care and medical hazard prevention within the framework of strategic, user-oriented as well as scientific cooperation. The basis for the cooperation is the technical and administrative expertise of the two institutions: The University Hospital RWTH Aachen plays a central role in the medical supply of the Aachen region as a hospital for maximum care and performs extensive activities in research, teaching, and patient treatment. It also strives for high standards in the fields of pre-hospital care in the rescue and emergency medical service, organized by the professional fire brigade of the City of Aachen, as well as the area of inter-hospital transport. The telemedical emergency medical service (EMS) system was the first research idea to be transferred into regular care. Meanwhile, the ARS is partner and associated partner in several innovative projects supporting emergency medical care, public safety and teaching-learning-research.


Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Beckers | anesthesiologist
Lea Bouché | psychologist
Cassandra Rehbock | Public Health Scientist
Corinna Wennmacher | health scientist
Katrin Kootz | student assistant (biomedical sciences)
Clara Vos | student assistant (medicine)