Maastricht University

School of Health Professions Education

The School of Health Professions Education (SHE), part of Maastricht University, is a graduate school for education, research and innovation in health professions education. Since its inception, the vision and mission of SHE has been clear, and consistently focused on a global impact on healthcare through investment in research of healthcare education and the translation of research insights to education. SHE aims to be a leading hub for research and innovation of Health Professions Education (HPE) worldwide. SHE connects HPE research to educational activities, consultancy, innovation and impactful global projects.


Daniëlle Verstegen, PhD | educational scientist
Juliët Beuken, PhD | health scientist
Cindy Hulsman | biomedical scientist
Prof. Diana Dolmans | educational scientist
Prof. Jeroen van Merrienboer | educational scientist