The COMPAS Advisory Board

Clément Buléon, PhD, MD

Clément Buléon is an anesthesiologist and intensive care attending in Caen (France). He is a simulation trainer and instructor for aspiring simulation trainers and is actively involved in national and international simulation training and research networks. In addition to his clinical activity as a physician, his objectives are to contribute to the development of simulation. By improving knowledge and practices, his aim is to positively influence teamwork as well as the quality and safety of care.

Benoît Cardos, MD

Benoît Cardos is a cardiologist and emergency physician at André Renard Clinic in Liège (Belgium). He is fully involved in the quality of care and the implementation of processes within healthcare institutions. With a master's degrees in management of healthcare institutions and in pedagogy, he supervises the establishment of training courses in healthcare at the University of Liège.

Prof. Walter Eppich, PhD, MD, MEd

Walter Eppich is a pediatric emergency physician and medical educator. He is the Chair of SIM, Centre for Simulation Education and Research at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and researcher at the Maastricht University. Prof. Eppich teaches extensively on basic and advanced simulation educator courses. His research studies the contribution of conversation to learning for individuals and teams, e.g., feedback, debriefing, coaching, team reflection and adaptation.

Dr. med. Hartwig Marung, MD

Hartwig Marung is an anaesthesiologist, seminar leader, self-employee assessor of QUASI-G (quality and safety in the healthcare sector) and instructor for Crisis Resource Management (CRM) at Medical School Hamburg. He is specialized through his work in patient safety and risk management.

Albine Moser, RN, MPH, PhD

Albine Moser works at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) and Maastricht University (Netherlands) as a senior researcher and principal lecturer in interprofessional education. She is a nurse and health scientist by background. Furthermore, she has experience in stakeholder participation, qualitative research and interprofessional and participatory action research.

Méryl Paquay, RN, CCRN, MSc, PhD student

Méryl Paquay is a Quality and Safety Manager at the Emergency Department of the Centre de Simulation of Liège and simulation instructor of CARE of Simulation ULiège (Belgium).
She has a background in nursing with a specialization in Community Health and a master’s degree in public health (specialization: Management). She is especially working on improving processes between safe care and work environment by the development of a new management strategy including clinical debriefings.

Prof. Roger Rennenberg, MD

Roger Rennenberg is an internist and vascular medicine expert with a special interest in education and patient safety. He is an education director of medicine at Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences at Maastricht University (Netherlands). By promoting clinical patient safety, he obtained a professorship in this field at Maastricht University.