Feedback Module - Increasing preclinic patient safety through telemedical feedback

Course Description

This module was created to teach theoretical information about feedback in general and build a connection to our developed feedback system.  
For this module, we conducted a study, in which emergency physicians and paramedics were supervised via telemedical technology and got feedback afterwards to enhance teamwork and patient safety. To use and implement this module, it is necessary to have the used technical infrastructure, to test the feedback checklist and eventually adapt it to the organisational setting by e.g., the quality manager.


  • Improved feedback provision among peers by means of a validated checklist
  • Providing an organisational framework for implementing a feedback method
  • Raising awareness of the importance of acceptance and the usefulness of feedback among employees
  • Improved quality of prehospital patient care via further learning through receiving feedback for emergency medical physicians/paramedics
  • Improved quality management


  • Online



Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Beckers | anesthesiologist
Lea Bouché | psychologist
Cassandra Rehbock | Public Health Scientist
Corinna Wennmacher | health scientist
Katrin Kootz | student assistant (biomedical sciences)
Clara Vos | student assistant (medicine)